Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you can.

We developed such a machine to work and training solo. You  no longer have to worry about asking someone to skip the ball for you: there is a robot for that.

And you know what they say: a robot never gets tired, and it keep skipping the ball right where you want.

Every time unless you stop it

You can setup by clicking on remore control:

  • speed of passing ( aka: the power of the ball you’ll receive )
  • frequency of skip ( the seconds between one ball to another )
  • how heigh you want to receive the ball
  • where you want to shoot
  • 7 fixed court position where you can set up to 10 passing balls and let it move to the next step

All these features you can control on the remote control you have, so you do not have to move from your spot and never lose any seconds of your training.

You can setup all the feature of the previous point wireless without going every time close to the machine.

Never lose any seconds from your training. Efficiency at the best

How many you want. 

Until the tiredness stops you.

When you switch on the ShootYes you and you decided where to shoot, it’s really up to yourself how many shots you want to try.

You can choose different type of shooting, from midrange to free-throw. Nut focus also on what you’re not so well with: 3 points ?

When you’re done simply use the remote control to switch it off. Easy peasy

Of course you can.

It’s designed to train alone so you don not have to worry about going to catch the ball after the rebound but if you want to use with teammates feel safe use it.

You can choose your training and the possibilities are endless; it’s really up to your creativity.

For example you can choose to use the 7 fixed point where you can receive the ball and at the next step is where your buddy is waiting for the ball  .

Or you can easier shoot one ball each.


You have to catch your rebound and them throw the ball into the Shootyes’s net.

With this type of configuration you can train yourself as receiving the ball from your team mates paralleled to you.

You can train a catch and shoot as real passing situation as well as drive and shoot.

You can choose on the setup the frequency.

However it starts from 2.4 second to 8 seconds.

Unless you are Ray Allen it suits you..

You can IF it’s not raining or there aren’t other critical weather conditions.

ShootYes is designed to work inside a court , so the elettrica parts are not protected against water or rain.  

As long as you are careful with that, you can use it on street ball playground. 

Not anymore.

At the beginning we had a problem with that, it’s no doubt – and we what really is the satisfaction of our customers.

We fixed the issue, and we’re continuing improving such aspect because our engineers are working every day to make it even better.

What ShootYes is different from DrDish® o ShootAway® is the price while still has the same quality.

We are a Italy company so for us shipping in Europe is much cheaper and we are proud to deliver it in less than a week ( differently from american machines which you have to wait at least 2 months to receive it )

When your payment is receive, we’ll ship your order and in less than a week for European countries, you’ll be received it.

As any CE products, ShootYes has a 24 months warranty so if you have a factory problem, we’ll fix it for free.

At China.

We have a controlled company there as well as our best Italian engineers.

We are close to Guangzhou specifically.

#6 or #7 size.

Every balls are ok if they have that sizes.

Anyway, you’ll find 3 balls inside the packages, so you can start use them as soon as you’ll receive it.

Not at all. 

It is shipped already assembled, so when you’ll  receive it, you can start use it right away by plug it in on the AC

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, in this page, please email us support@shootyes.com