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Marco Planezio is definitely the guy who convinced us to start this project. He really believes in it, like the whole team; he needs to perfect himself in the summer when most of us are probably enjoying summer holidays. Till now has always asked someone to go with him to the gym and pass him the ball. He's a guy who tends to get warm immediately when things do not go as he expects. And it tends to get nervous. So that the friend on duty who does not pass the ball twice, loses his enthusiasm. Rightly. And Marco goes on alone.
If I do not train constantly every day I would not be able to play in A2 league - it's my job, even if it's hard for you to understand it.
"The MachineSparaPalloni® would help him in my training every day - I already know that it will be a game changing for me, I don't have to wait for someone to train my shoot.
We wanted to help a friend, and we found ourselves with a business in their hands.
> Here is where everything begun.

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Marco Planezio
Tester e testimonial
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Fondatore e CEO
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ingegnere di progetto
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Digital Marketer
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