Marco Planezio e la sparapalloni di basket
Why another Basketball Shooting Machine ?

As a professional player I have always looked for this equipment. I saw her in a documentary about the American college years ago and since then I look for it, unable to find companies that built it in Italy, without wanting to pay expensive taxes and import charges, I decided to find a solution. I believe it will be an indispensable tool in everyday training. I also think many amateurs who would like to have more consistency in shooting and improving their percentages will find it usefull.

Marco Planezio

Chi รจ Planezio?
The mission

Our goal is to provide to as many people as possible an effective training tool, reliable and at a competitive price.
We want to give all players a way to improve their shooting. With the Shooting Machine you can optimize your shooting sessions without wasting precious time and you can also train by yourself.

  • 7 programmable shooting positions
  • adjustable passing power
  • adjustable passing frequency
  • passing distance up to 12 meters
  • 24 month warranty
  • You can shoot from 2 points
  • You can shoot from 3 points
  • You can shoot from free throws
  • remote control
  • fast assembly - less than 1 minute
  • machine is ready to use
  • fast shipping in Europe
macchina spara palloni pallacanestro

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